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Why Choose the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies?

  • JCBS was created to meet the educational needs of Seminary and Bible college students, pastors, and laity
  • JCBS provides a dynamic, interactive way to learn about the scriptures through experiencing the Lands of the Bible
  • JCBS allows seminary, university, and college professors to teach or co-teach in the Lands of the Bible
  • JCBS allows everyone... young and old and from every walk of life... to participate in ongoing archaeological excavations
  • JCBS handles all aspects of program administration
  • JCBS offers the best value for your travel dollar 
  • JCBS offers a unique seminarian program with a special scholarship provided 
  • JCBS periodically provides low-cost Familiarization trips for prospective faculty members 


Information on JCBS


  • Learn how you can participate
  • Read reports from past and current digs.

Travel-Study Programs

  • Learn how you can participate
  • Select the program that is right for you

Educators' and Group Leaders' Information

  • What you need to know 
  • Learn how you can co-teach or teach your own customized travel study program 
  • Select the program that is right for your group or school



A Word About Accreditation 

The Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies offers world-class courses on behalf of institutions of higher learning. The sponsoring institution offers academic credit and CEUs to current students and alumni. We serve as an agent for each college, university, or seminary, offering faculty-led study tours of The Holy Land, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece, with expanded opportunities throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. 

How Does it Work?

When a school offers a course for academic credit through the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, the course may be offered as a directed reading course or seminar (such as an honors seminar) under the direction or supervision of a faculty member from the sponsoring institution and with the knowledge and approval of the Academic Dean, Vice-president of Academic Affairs, Registrar, or some other appropriate university office.


Continuing Education Credits

The Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies is an official granting institution with the United Methodist Church's General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. Contact JCBS for more information regarding obtaining CEU credits.


How JCBS Works with Institutions

The Jerusalem Center works with institutions in several ways...

1. The Course

  • JCBS has standard courses that an institution can select
  • Institutions can present JCBS with a course outline/itinerary
  • A course can be designed in consultation with the institution and the JCBS faculty member

2. Student Enrollment

  • Once the course is approved, students enroll for our courses just as they would any other course offered by the school or institution
  • As with any course, a minimum number of is required to operate the course

3. Teaching the Course

  • JCBS TAUGHT: We will teach the course on behalf of the sponsoring institution
  • TEAM TAUGHT: JCBS will team-teach the course with the faculty member who accompanies the class from the sponsoring institution
  • YOU TEACH: JCBS will handle all of the travel and lodging arrangements for the school, but the accompanying faculty member will teach the course

4. Departing for the Course

  • Travel information will be sent to participants from our office in Florida
  • JCBS faculty or staff will meet the students upon arrival overseas


Students Come From...

For further assistance in offering a course for academic credit through the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, contact Bur Shilling at 800-247-0017 ext 1-287


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