Staff & Faculty

Dr. K. K. Yeo

As a Chinese Christian trained in the U.S.A., my vocation as a Bible teacher is the pilgrimage of a student of God's words in dialogue between cultures of antiquity and modern times. My calling as a biblical scholar is to bridge the gap between churches and the academy, between laity and scholars, between U.S. Christianities and those in the Majority World, especially in China and Palestine. Over the last fifteen years, my teaching and research have been in the areas of culture and the Bible, especially the Pauline epistles and some wisdom texts. In the wider culture of this new millennium in which the Bible will be critiqued, rejected, or simply ignored, I hope that my research into the cross-cultural hermeneutic of the New Testament will bring the church and the wider culture back to the Bible, in the wider context of its engagement with other world scriptures. It is an exciting journey for me to meet students and scholars from all over the world, and for me to teach not only in Evanston, but also in China, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Israel-Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Bible is the inheritance of the world and biblical interpretation is the responsibility of the global church, as we all pay attention also to our local contexts and issues.