Travel Information
Due to the often changing regulations among the many airlines we work with, we strongly suggest passengers check the web sites of the airline they will be flying regarding the size and weight restrictions of both checked and carry-on baggage. Please note, airlines can change their restrictions without notice, so be sure to check the airline web site more than once.
Here is a partial list of airlines you can contact for their latest checked and carry-on baggage policy:
Aerosvit (VV) 212-661-1620
American Airlines (AA) 800-433-7300
Air France (AF) 800-237-2747
Alitalia (AZ) 800-223-5730
British Airways (BA) 800-247-9297
Continental (CO) 800-525-0280
Delta (DL) 800-221-1212
EL AL (LY) 800-223-6700
Iberia (IB) 800-223-6700
KLM (KL) 800-772-4642
Lufthansa (LH) 800-225-2525
Northwest (NW) 800-645-3880
Olympic (OA) 800-223-1226
Royal Jordanian (RJ) 800-223-0470
Swiss Air (LX) 877-359-7947
United (UA) 800-241-6522
USAirways (US) 800-428-4322