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Bur Shilling


Burnette [Bur] Shilling, Ph.D.
Faculty, Bowling Green State University
Bur has a broad background in ministry and academics.  He was a youth and music pastor for 13 years in a local church and Youth for Christ.  During this time he invested much in the lives of young people.  Many of these young people are now church leaders and continue to communicate with him.  Bur also founded and directed the teen music ministry, Children of the Light.  After thirty-one years he retired from this ministry entrusting it to one of his alums.  Children of the Light continues to be a marquee youth music ministry in the Findlay, Ohio, area.
Bur taught New Testament and Evangelism/Discipleship for fifteen years at Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay.  There he designed and developed the Doctor of Ministry degree, a professional degree for pastors and church workers.  It was here in 1992 that he began to teach in Israel for the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies.  Bur continues to take students from the United States for study in Israel.  His course explores biblical geography and culture and their impact on the biblical text.

Bur has been a faculty member at Bowling Green State University since January 2000.  He is currently teaching how to do Internet research in an online degree program.  He also has taught a multi-disciplinary course that studies the intellectual concepts that contributed to the development of Western culture.

He has completed a baccalaureate degree from Taylor University in Indiana, a Master’s degree from Winebrenner Seminary, Findlay, OH, a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL, and a Ph.D. from BGSU.  He also has done post-doctoral work in biblical geography at Trinity.

Bur and his wife, Cathy, live in Bluffton, Ohio.  They have two children.  Brianne has a MA in counseling from BGSU, is married and lives in Findlay, Ohio. Brandon is a business graduate from the University of Findlay and currently a MBA student at Taylor University, is married and works as a congressional case worker for Ohio’s 4th District Congressman Jim Jordan.  Bur and Cathy have five grandchildren:  Kayla (8 yrs), Ali (3 yr), Ariana (18 mos), Brady (1 yr), and Sawyer (4 mos).  Besides his family Bur enjoys woodworking and playing golf, neither of which he gets to do as much as he would like.

Bur is Director of Discipleship in his local congregation.  His most recent project was developing Intentional Discipleship, a plan for individuals, churches, and organizations.  This plan assesses fifteen biblical criteria of a disciple after which the disciple designs an Intentional Discipleship Plan (IDP) for the next year.  This is one of the most rewarding projects he has done in recent years and anticipates that it will impact many churches and disciples in the future.
Bur had the privilege of being a Contributing Writer for the Life Application Bible, Tyndale House, Publ.  His team wrote the applications at the bottom of each page associated with the biblical text. This was a fun project and has had a great impact on many lives.