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Bio - Dr. Kenneth Maahs, Ph.D.

Abram Clemens Chair of Biblical Studies
Eastern University
King of Prussia, PA 
Dr. Maahs holds the Abram Clemens Chair of Biblical Studies at EU, where he has taught for 35 years. He is the author of two books: Of Angels, Beasts and Plagues: The Message of Revelation for a New Millennium (Judson, 1999) and The John You Never Knew: Decoding the Fourth Gospel (Peter Lang, 2006).
He holds the Lindback Award for excellence in teaching and has been the interim pastor of twelve churches. For the last six years, he has served as the pastor of Freedom Church in Royersford, PA.

He, his wife, son and other children (Beau, a Poodle and Joey, a Bichon Frise) reside in King of Prussia, PA., where the family has lived for over thirty years. They are members of Upper Merion Baptist Church. Professor Maahs is the founder of the “Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Program” for Eastern University which he began leading in 1990.