Group Leaders
How JCBS Works with Institutions
The Jerusalem Center works with institutions in several ways...

1. The Course
  A. JCBS has standard courses which an institution can select
  B. Institution can present JCBS with a course outline/itinerary
  C. A course can be designed in consultation with the institution and the JCBS faculty member.

2. Student Enrollment
  A. Once the course is approved, students enroll for our courses just as they would any other course
       offered by the school or institution.
  B. As with any course, a minimum number of students is required to operate the course.

3. Teaching the Course
  A. JCBS TAUGHT: We will teach the course on behalf of the sponsoring institution.
  B. TEAM TAUGHT: JCBS will team-teach the course with the faculty member
       who accompanies the class from the sponsoring institution.
  C. YOU TEACH: JCBS will handle all of the travel and lodging arrangements 
       for the school but the accompanying faculty member will teach the course.

4. Departing for the Course
  A. Travel information will be sent to participants from our office in Florida.
  B. JCBS faculty or staff will meet the students upon arrival overseas.